ClearTrust is a cybersecurity platform for Ad fraud and Invalid Traffic Mitigation. It strengthens digital ad spend security with utmost accuracy, speed, flexibility and scale using its cutting edge technology in real time.

Started by a team of two (the founders), ClearTrust is now a 18 people team comprising of technology experts, scientists, and sharp brains in product marketing and sales.

ClearTrust is backed by marquee investors such as Ideaspring Capital, Piper Serica, Pentathlon Ventures, and Modulor Capital and is a member of India’s #1 B2B SaaS accelerator Upekkha.

Our Team

ClearTrust CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

ClearTrust CTO
Raja TN

Co-Founder & CTO

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Angel Pabon

Director of Business Growth & Digital Strategy

ClearTrust Sales Head
Rohit C

VP- Head of Global Sales & Marketing

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Suresh Tupakula

Head of Engineering

ClearTrust Marketing Head
Manish G

Product Marketing Manager

ClearTrust Lead Technology
Girish S

Lead- Technology

ClearTrust Customer Success Director
Milan Mitra

Asst. Director Customer Success

ClearTrust Content Writer

Content Writer

ClearTrust Graphic Designer
Gaurav Singh Rajpoot

Graphic Designer

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Shalini Biswas


ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Sudarshan Nirwani

Product Lead

ClearTrust Accounts Manager

Software Developer

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Aparna BR

R & D Engineer

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Shruti Kamble

QA- Lead

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Rahul Nair

Sales Manager

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Ankit Chandwani

Front End Developer

ClearTrust Accounts Manager
Kabir Rai

Global Sales Manager