About Us

What is ClearTrust?

ClearTrust is a cybersecurity platform for Ad fraud and Invalid Traffic Mitigation. It strengthens digital ad spend security with utmost accuracy, speed, flexibility and scale using its cutting edge technology in real time.

Our Solutions

Our engine scans more than 1 Billion events per day and provides security solutions for Advertisers, Publishers, and AdTech players. Some of the notable solutions are in the space of Mobile Ad Fraud, AdTech Fraud, Click Spam, Click Fraud, Lead Fraud and CTV Fraud.

Our Experience

ClearTrust has been in the business for the last 3 years and prior to that, conducted research and beta trials for 2 years. In all, we have built a highly competitive and well differentiated product which delivers real time results.


Each solution of ClearTrust comes with easy integration methods, a set of powerful filters, control mechanisms, proprietary intelligence and transparent reporting. Not to forget , an amazing support team with an NPS of 9.

Evaluate our Solution

Don’t take our word for it, we offer a fully featured free trial in which you can experience why businesses choose ClearTrust over others.